a garland shop..

got some custom photoshop brushes from cg hub, they are awesome.. :) 

a sunken city..

color concept of a giant underwater city with a huge temple in the center....
want to try a detailed matte painting on this, so trying out some layouts...I have made a simple geometry in Maya for the main building structure..


now a days, focusing more on sketching and traditional media..
here are some of them..
I keep posting most of them here... 

in the lap of nature..

Reworked on this old concept..added some details
in the tree and some composition changes.


water colors.....

using water colors after many years....but painting with water colors on paper is real fun.. 
of-course i need lot of practice...but enjoying dis medium... :)

still life practice....

 I like painting still life. And it actually helps understanding many things,  like shape, form, color, composition, negative space, texture, material qualities and the very important thing which develops is 'observation'. 
Couldn't complete this as always. will try to complete..... :)


one day morning i got up, and i was in this paradise..
    then i actually got up and tried to paint that dream....

camera panning in AE..

wanted to do this since many days. This is done in 'After Effects' using layers. Actually I wanted to try projection through camera, but this matte painting looks little difficult to try the projection. I was trying to do this in Maya, but Mithun showed me how I can get the same result in After Effects easily.

Old temple in the jungle...

This temple was built hundreds of years ago, somewhere in India. But got lost in the time. The jungle has grown around it. Big trees have enveloped it, But it still stands to reveal it's story. 

I had this matte painting concept in my mind from many days. I was further inspired by  a documentary showcasing The Lost Temples Of Angkor Wat. Finally posted it here. I May add some more details later, make the temple look more older and desolate; but for now this is it.

These are some wip images...